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Teaching English - cultural differences, boundaries, communication issues, toddlers being the same. graduations, reports, good stickers, Irish slang, giving them 'english names' - potato, Linh Dam, 'dogs are friends not food' - laughs.

Family photography - meeting all the international families who have relocated to Hanoi for work or a diff lifestyle - the differences in Western living and adjusting. Children growing up with 3 languages - Eng, Viet, Nannies language, French.

Apartment hunting, price difference, money exchange and getting scammed - always a foreigner, taxis giving wrong change, the traffic in Hanoi, bike taxis - crashes, amazing food favourites and great service, after hour bars - balloons, beers cheaper than water, bringing anything on the back of a bike.

Bike trip - Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh - Top gear inspired, learning to ride Bikes (Honda win, Wave, Noeva).
Food - Pho, Bun Cha, intimidating roadside spots, recognising menu items and learning to order items in Viet, delicacies (chicken feet, chicken foetus), 


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