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With snow capped mountains on one side and glistening sunshine hitting the high rises on the other, Vancouver can often appear a utopian city of sorts. Besides it's very high standard of living, it is one of the cleanest and most diverse cities I have had the pleasure to live in. 

For three hot summer months, I lived in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city with too many people. Arriving with a brief knowledge of the area and one glance towards the skyscrapers overlooking the marina, I quickly knew I would be availing of the cities public transportation system on a daily basis. Luckily that included a frequent bus service, a Skytrain and Seabus that takes you anywhere from the city street into the mountains. 

I floated through the city the first few weeks scouring for job availabilities and taking in the overwhelming beauty of my surroundings, along with a strong odor of Mary J drifting around the sidewalks. Looking back now, this explains my naive bewilderment surrounding the supremely 'relaxed' lifestyle I believed everyone lead. 

The following photos show the beginning of my love affair with shooting film. Shot on my first film camera, a Canon AE-1.

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